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Ban Illness from Your Daycare Center

In the last few blogs (here, here, and here), we’ve discussed the numerous concerns parents have when sending their kids to daycare, including health concerns. Children who attend daycare programs are more sick more often than children who stay at home. But we’re (Surface Shield) trying to change that.   Some things to consider: A…

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Part 2: Michigan Parents and their Concerns about Daycare

The articles concerning whether or not you should send your child to daycare are plenty. Do I send my kids to daycare? Do I stay home instead? It’s dubbed the Daycare Dilemma and it’s a serious one for many fathers and mothers. According to the US Census, 16% of babies under the age of one…

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Michigan Parents and their Concerns about Daycare

The biggest concerns parents have about sending their kids to daycare? Here’s the list: Lack of adequate supervision Staff is undertrained Medication administered improperly Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Presence of poisons and toxic substances (cleaning products!) Unsafe and recalled nursery products and equipment Illness transmission (germs!) Lack of food safety Failure to prepare for an…

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