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5 Viral Skin Infections That Live on Athletic Mats

Many of us know how prevalent germs and infectious skin disorders are in the world of athletics, but what we may not know is just how big of a threat that viral skin infections can be on the surfaces of our athletic mats and equipment. Here are some of the most common viruses that may…

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Why a Skin Infection Might Derail Plans for State Championship

It’s that time of year. High school and collegiate wrestlers throughout Michigan are ending their regular season and prepping for the postseason, eager to clinch conference, state, and even national titles. But what happens if a star wrestler becomes ill? Or develops a skin infection? Infections skin disorders are simply a nuisance for the general…

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Invisible Infectious Skin Disorders May Be On Your Wrestling Mat

Webster’s Dictionary defines CLEAN as: Free from dirt or pollution; free from contamination or disease; free or relatively free from radioactivity. When it comes to the word ‘clean,’ we all have our own definitions. A surface may look clean to the eye, but the real dangers are the ones that go unseen. Threats like infectious skin disorders, superbugs…

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