A Proactive Approach to Protecting Student Athletes from Germs

As a high school athlete there is always risk for injury and threat of a tough opponent on the other team, but those aren’t the only factors working against them. Whether student athletes are in the weight room, locker room, or on the wrestling mat they come in contact with germs, bacteria and viruses spread across every surface they come in contact with.

Top Spots Germs are Lurking

Weight Room: High School weight rooms are in use year-round by both student athletes and gym classes. Often times the equipment is left to be cleaned by the students and athletes after each use, meaning the equipment does not get cleaned as often or as thoroughly as it should.
Your Proactive Solution: Surface Shield can be hydrostatically sprayed onto any surface in a weight room, from hand weights to treadmills. For a school this means they can have that extra reassurance in knowing they are doing everything they can to protect their students.

Locker Room: Locker room showers and benches bring a threat to your schools’ students and to students from other districts. This means you will find a collection of germs, viruses and bacteria that are being brought in from your athletes and from athletes on the opposing team.
Proactive Solution: With Surface Shield, coaches and faculty can feel at ease in knowing any germs that are carried into the locker room will not likely be coming out with any of the athletes.

Wrestling Mats: It is no secret that wrestling mats are a host to all things that make us cringe. From ringworm to staph, high school wrestlers are constantly in a battle to combat any type of skin infection. The nature of wrestling means that is a high contact sport, so it becomes unavoidable to prevent these germs from spreading from athlete to athlete. Proactive Solution: What we can do is ensure no athlete picks up a skin infection from your schools’ mat. Surface Shield has been used to combat bacterial and viral infections that can quickly wipe out an entire team.

Stop the spread of germs before an athlete at your school has a chance to come in contact with them. Surface Shield is the perfect way for a school to be proactive in protecting their students and athletes to help ensure a healthy and successful athletic season.

tive Measures Against MRSA

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