Does an Antibacterial Wipe Really Disinfect Surfaces?

Oh yes, there’s trouble…with antibacterial wipes.

Grocery stores dispense them, hospitals utilize them, schools distribute them, and gyms disseminate them, but are antibacterial wipes as good as we think they are? According to the Environmental Working Group, there’s cause for concern:

The most common antibacterial agents in cleaning wipes are called “quats” (short for quaternary ammonium compounds) and include such chemical mouthfuls as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride and benzalkonium chloride. Of course, difficult pronunciation does not necessarily equal danger, but in this case we are talking about pesticides that are certainly toxic to bacteria and can affect human health, too.

Essentially, antibacterial agents in consumer products may result in the development of “superbugs,” or a strain of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotic drugs. Superbugs are quickly becoming one of the world’s most pressing public health concerns, according to this article in the Business Insider. 2 million folks become infected with drug-resistant bacteria in the US each year – and at least 23,000 die.

Plus, as this article notes, sanitizing wipes may actually spread bacteria if not used properly. The wipes kill bacteria on initial contact, but are then dragged to other surfaces leaving a trail of infectious organisms.

How, then, can you protect yourself from various germs? Especially those on your wash hands to protect from germsshopping cart? Or in the gym? Or at school? According to the CDC, the most effective way to prevent the spread of infection is by washing hands with plain soap and water. But there’s another thing you can do. Especially if you’re a convenience store owner, gym manager, or school administrator.

Consider Surface Shield.

Unlike some sanitizing wipes, Surface Shield is safe, non toxic, non-leaching, and harmless to both humans and animals. It also gets surfaces clean – and keeps them clean – for up to 90 days. Check out our website for more information, for testimonials, and to get in touch.




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