How does it work?

Surface Shield is a unique positively charged polymer network that chemically bonds to treated surfaces. In addition to the electrical-charged surface, the product produces an enormous amount of quaternary amine swords that puncture bacterial cell membranes to eliminate any possibility of continued bacterial growth. The cured surface is safe, non toxic, non-leaching, and harmless to all human and animal contact.

Does this product omit any odors or sensitivity to touch?

No, it’s transparent, odor free, and dries to the touch.

Why is it different from ordinary antimicrobials?

Conventional antimicrobials work until they are dry to the touch or come in contact with humans. Surface Shield (once dried) continues to effectively work through its electrical and sword process in excess of 90 days regardless of human touch and contact.

Is the electrical process harmful to humans, pets, or electronic devices (computers, phones, etc.)?

Absolutely not, its electrical current performs at a level that is undisruptive to humans or electrical devices and is totally safe.

Is there any risk of superbugs being created from this product?

No, its process works mechanically and not through chemistry, unlike many chemically-based products that create superbugs.

How do I know the product is safe and performs as you described?

The active ingredients in Surface Shield have been reviewed, approved, and are registered with the Federal EPA under the name BioShield to perform as we have described.

Where can Surface Shield be applied?

Surface Shield can be applied to any surface with the exception of food preparation areas.

How do we apply it?

The Surface Shield team thoroughly cleans a surface with a commercial grade disinfectant and rinses it with vinegar before applying the product with an approved hydrostatic sprayer that evenly coats the surface.

How should it be maintained?

Regular cleaning will keep the surface clean and free of debris to allow the Surface Shield to perform at peak performance.

Will general cleaners, bleach, or harsh chemicals remove the Surface Shield?

No, unless a cleaning solutions has a PH level higher than 10 or there is excessive friction or buffing on a particular surface. These cause the bonding agents to break down much more quickly, so Surface Shield may not last a full 90 days.


Will the surface it’s applied to show streaks, build-up, or residue?

No, when properly applied the cured product will remain transparent and will not layer.

How long does it take to dry?

Although dry to the touch after 5-10 minutes, for maximum effectiveness there should be no contact with the surface for a minimum of 2 hours.

When do I need to reapply?

Surfaces are tested every 30-45 days and reapplication is done after 90 days of normal traffic and usage.