How to Protect Students from Hidden Germs in Locker Rooms

Damp, sweaty, locker rooms have never really been considered the gold standard for cleanliness. However, recently they have been at the center of increasing concern about serious infections that can be harboring amongst the general grime.

Coli, Candida, and even MRSA have been popping up in locker rooms – and schools, parents, and athletes are taking notice. These bacteria can be connected to everything from stomach flu to ringworm, and in some cases, they can even be fatal for young athletes.

Although awareness is certainly the first step in taking on these hidden threats, unfortunately, knowing there’s a risk and knowing how to fix it are two very different things for many school districts.

For many schools, locker rooms are widely shared facilities, used for physical education classes and multiple sports in any given season. This means that school locker rooms will likely have dozens of students and student athletes in and out of its doors on any given school day. Couple that high-usage with limited maintenance budgets, and it’s easy to see why locker room cleanliness can be an overwhelming task.

So how can your school protect students from hidden germs in locker rooms?

  1. Do what schools do best: Educate. Give students the knowledge they need to make personal decisions about hygiene and locker room use that can help keep them safe from harmful bacteria. See our recent post for some practical solutions students can use to stay safe.
  2. Choose the right cleaning technology. With the challenges of frequent student use and limited maintenance availability, schools need a product that is non-toxic, safe, and can continue to keep surfaces clean even through excessive usage.

One solution that fits the bill perfectly? Surface Shield.

Surface Shield is a water-based solution that chemically bonds to treated surfaces or textiles. It forms a shield that protects that surface from harmful bacteria for up to 90 days. You read that right – up to 90 days – which means that Surface Shield could be a major part of the solution to your school’s maintenance availability challenges. But there are even more reasons to make Surface Shield your school’s choice: Unlike many traditional surface cleaners, Surface Shield is non-leaching, non-toxic, and safe to touch, making it an excellent choice for use around young students.  

In short? Surface Shield acts as both offense and defense in your fight against locker room infections.

For more info on how this incredible technology works, click here.

For more info on how Surface Shield helped one school mitigate their MRSA risk, click here

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