Why Winter Break is the Perfect Time for Deep Cleaning School

Bah Humbug! Holiday Flu and Christmas Colds!

Did the holiday flu visit your home or business this season? Or maybe it was a nasty Christmas cold? Seems inevitable – every year – despite our best efforts to remain flu-free for the festivities. And soon many of our kids will head back to school, likely with a host of germs tagging along behind them. How can we keep them safe from illness in 2017? The best place to start is with a deep clean, and winter break is one of the best times to make that happen.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  • Facility decontamination. A few germs (well, more than a few) were likely left behind by students and staff when they rushed off to enjoy their holiday break. Why battle an outbreak of influenza upon your return? Do a winter break deep clean and decontaminate now while the kids (and the germs) are away.
  • Flu season. It’s that time of year. And schools across the nation – the world, really – are dealing with it. A school in Scotland recently closed early for Christmas break after 53 of its students and staff were hit by a “vomiting bug.” And there’s more where that came from (even in warmer states…)
  • Winter wear and tear. Ice, slush, salt, and more can significantly reduce the lifespan of a school’s wood floors, carpet, tile, and more. A good clean halfway through the year can extend the life of this valuable asset. It can also help keep these surfaces germ-free, which is a great from of illness prevention.

What’s the best way to deep clean? Surface Shield.

Surface Shield cleans and stops the spread of germs. It’s an antimicrobial technology that forms a non-toxic shield on surfaces to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and other germs that may be harmful to kids. It’s also safe, non-leaching, and harmless to both humans and animals.

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