Why Your Holiday Shopping May be a Germ Palooza

Every year, the day after Thanksgiving millions of people race to department stores and shopping malls to get the best deals they can find for the holiday season. This Black Friday good deals and holiday gifts may not be the only thing you come home with. With so many people gathering in one place, germs and viruses are two things we are sure to share either while waiting in line with that coughing guy or while grabbing lunch in the food court. 

3 Tips Stay Healthy While Holiday Shopping:

1. Carry disinfecting wipesShopping carts, food court tables, escalator handrails and even soap dispensers and restroom sink fixtures are covered in germs and bacteria. To help protect yourself, carry a small pack of disinfecting wipes and wipe down any high-touch point surfaces you may come in contact with – especially the ones listed above!

2. Carry hand sanitizer – During a full day of shopping, you are more than likely to stop at multiple stores, play with electronic devices, exchange money with the cashier, or swipe your credit card and use the keypad. Every other person shopping that day will also be touching the same things you have, leaving their germs behind for you to unknowingly pick up. Avoid touching your face and remember to periodically sanitize your hands.

3. Get sleep and stay hydrated – For many shoppers, Black Friday often starts Thursday night or in the ‘wee’ hours for Friday morning. This means waking up early, standing in lines (sometimes outdoors) and shoulder to shoulder with each shopper in line with you. Help your immune system stay strong by planning ahead to ensure you get plenty of sleep and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

None of us want to spend the holidays at home with a cold or flu virus. Follow these tips to help protect yourself, and your family, this holiday season. If you are sick or think you may be getting sick, stay home and rest – you can always find more deals on Cyber Monday!


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