Your High School Gymnasium Deep Cleaning Checklist

Gymnasium floors are one of the highest foot-traffic areas in any school. Gymnasiums are used for school assemblies, athletic events, school dances, pep rallies and even community events. All of these gatherings don’t only cause wear and tear on the floors, but they also bring in germs and bacteria.  Winter break is a common time to do floor maintenance and it also gives schools a chance to make sure their athletic facilities are clean and ready to use for the new year. Here are 3 tasks to add to your high school gymnasium deep clean list:

1. Mopping

Dust and wet mopping are essential to keeping gym floors clean and well maintained. Wet mopping with a disinfecting solution protects the floor finish and eliminates any germs that may be living on the surface.

2.  Disinfecting Mats

Over time, athletic mats collect dust, dirt and germs. Thoroughly disinfecting the mats wipes away any harmful bacteria and viruses. It also pulls off any dirt that would eventually end up on the gym floor which can cause floor finish to wear away over time.

3. Cleaning Bleachers

Throughout the school year, your high school gymnasium bleachers get a lot of use. This means, spilled food and drinks during games or dirt, melted snow and salt in the winter seasons. Adding a full sweep and disinfecting wet mop of the bleachers ensures the debris stays off the gym floor and it leaves the bleachers clean for the next group of fans that come in after the new year.

Winter high school gymnasium deep cleaning is essential to the health of the students and to the life of your gymnasium floor. Completing the 3 tasks listed above not only ensures that your gymnasium is well maintained, but it is also germ-free and ready for the next series of events.

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